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Theatre Record collates theatre critics' reviews for major productions in London and across Britain all in one place, together with production details and cast lists. We also provide listings of current and future productions.

The Tempest
Photo: Ikin Yum
I Found My Horn
Photo: Alex Marker
My Son's A Queer, (But What Can You Do?)
Photo: Mark Senior
The Trial of Josie K
Photo: Tristram Kenton
Titus Andronicus
Photo: Camilla Greenwell
The Mistake
Photo: Simon Richardson
Welcome Home
Photo: Harry Elletson
The Lamb Disagrees
Photo: VAULT Festival
Siapa Yang Bawa Melayu Aku Pergi? ( Who Took My Malay Away?)
Photo: H├ęctor Manchego
Photo: VAULT Festival

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