Theatre Record

About Theatre Record

Theatre Record is an online publication where you can view theatre production listings from the West End, the rest of London, Scotland and regional theatres in England and Wales. You can search for a particular production or theatre and see press night dates and press contacts where available.

We publish a collation of the reviews for each production as well as a range of details including dates, synopses, run times, where first performed, pictures, and lists of the cast and creative team members. In addition, we have a special edition each year covering theatre productions at the Edinburgh Festivals.

As a subscriber, you'll get access to all the latest listings and an archive spanning 43 years. This archive can be browsed issue by issue and can also be searched using any of the information included in each production. You can search Theatre Record's ever growing databse by production title, theatre, author, cast and creatives, making it perfect for research projects.

A subscription either for research or for general interest is ideal for those with any interest in the theatre. For a list of more features Theatre Record supports, see the features page.