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Fri 02 Feb 2024

January has sped by already and we have completed issue 1 of 2024 with 32 productions so far. We are making progress with inputting the backlog of reviews and we are experimenting with using AI to speed up the input. Fingers crossed we can get somewhere with this, as this will speed things up considerably.

On another note, now Christmas is over I've been creating my new birthday/Christmas list as I tend to do through the year, and have found some interesting titles on 'Stageplays' under 'gifts for thespians'. I'm definitely putting 'Grinning at the Edge - A Biography of Alan Ayckbourn' on my list. Have a look for some great presents by clicking on the 'stageplays' link under AFFILIATES and use the 'browse' tab.

We are still making improvements to the 'listings' page, and thank you to those of you who gave some ideas for this. It may take a bit of time as we work things into the website, but it can only get better.

We are continuing to collect copies of the printed Theatre Record, so if you wish to part with some of your spares knowing they will be rehomed or if you need any to complete your collection, do please let us know.

We'll have all the reviews as always, and we hope you enjoy reading what February has to offer. Thank you too for those of you using Theatre Record for your studies. It's always a pleasure, knowing that Theatre Record can help here too.

As always, do let us know if you have any suggestions or comments at

Tue 02 Jan 2024

Happy New Year Everyone

Thank you for continuing to subscribe to Theatre Record and we appreciate all of your support over the last year.

As you'll see in the archive, we've posted the Christmas issue as well as a December issue. We hope we've managed to post all of the major productions and will be adding a few more yet. Here are some statistics you might be interested to know -
So far we have covered 54 Christmas productions, 17 of which were in London with 37 regional ones. A Christmas Carol in all locations was reviewed 58 times. There were a total of 344 cast listed across the Christmas shows with 541 creatives. Just goes to show how important all the creatives are in the industry.
The pantos and Christmas shows will continue into February and I'm sure many of you will catch your local production or indeed, have seen it already.

On another note, we have had a few requests from people looking to complete their magazine collection so if any of you have any Theatre Record magazines you wish to pass on, do please let me know. Also, if you're searching for any missing copies, we may be able to help you out there too.

The digital backlog is still progressing, and will be completed this year, which will be wonderful. The whole archive will then be searchable.

As always, please do get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions

Sat 02 Dec 2023

December News

We are continuing to add more and more to the archive so all is fully searchable, and some of you have suggested some ideas to improve this search engine even further. We'll implement all that we can, and of course continue to introduce any new ideas and suggestions that you might have, if possible.

It's panto time now too, so we will aim to cover as many reviews as we can to give a round up of what's going on nationwide. There will be a separate issue for Christmas, which will appear at the end of December. Of course, you will still be able to read all the reviews as normal under the 'reviews' tab, as they come out.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas, and thank you all for your continued support.