Theatre Record


Theatre Record provides a wide range of features to subscribers, enabling them to easily browse the catalogue or research.


The Reviews section provides a list of reviewed productions that have opened in the last 30 days. The listings can be sorted by any of the columns (Production, Venue, Opens/Press night, Closes), by clicking on the respective heading.

Each listing links to its relevant production cover page, which contains the reviews published for it. Since the Reviews page is updated frequently, a red dot marks productions that have been updated since you last looked at them, allowing you to look for unread reviews. On the production cover page, the unread reviews are marked with a red line.


Theatre Record boasts an extensive history containing over 54,000 productions spanning 43 years. This is available in its entirety to all subscribers through the Archive section. Volumes are created annually containing all the issues published that year. Older issues (pre-2022) are available in PDF form, with pre-2016 issues being scanned in from the original printed copies.

Issues in the Archive are indexed by title, theatre, author, cast and creatives. Even the issues that were not originally published digitally are indexed and fully searchable within the Archive.

Production Listings

The What's On section provides a list of productions which are upcoming or currently debuting, with their press contact details where available. All productions are searchable with their title and theatre, and are split into categories:

Each category is split into Current and Future. These listings are not just limited to productions Theatre Record has reviews for. When a production closes it is removed from these listings. Unless there are no reviews for it, it can still be seen through the Archive

Account Management

The My Account section can be used to view and modify details of your account. Both personal and institution accounts can see their details, change their password, and update their name. At the bottom of the page, you may view your usage statistics. These are the number of logins and number of issues viewed for both all time, and the current year.

Institution accounts work slightly differently. When a member of an institution uses the "Institutional Login" button, their IP will be matched to an institution, and they'll automatically be logged in as a member of that institution. Should their IP not match, they'll be redirected to the OpenAthens login page, giving them a second chance to authenticate as a member of any institution. While members of an institution can login using this method, the manager for an institution may login with the normal form, using their email and password. This will allow them to modify the attributes of their account, and to make use of the institution management panel. Only the institution manager can see the My Account panel for that institution.

The management panel allows institution managers to update their allowed IP ranges and OpenAthens details to control access to their account. Institution managers may add, modify, and remove as many IP ranges as they wish to their account, and the changes will take effect immediately. The same is true for OpenAthens and any OpenID Scopes you may wish to give access to. When a member logs in or views issues, it counts towards that institution's statistics, which is viewable from the management panel.

The email used to subscribe to Theatre Record will be the email used to access the institution management panel, and also the email used to contact institution managers. It is recommended that this email be generic, and not tied to any particular member of staff (e.g. This prevents anyone being locked out if the member of staff in control of that email account should leave.